Danny Hunt is an international recording artist, who is well known and well loved in and around Chicago land. He writes and sings songs that inspire worship and faith in God. He also sings stirring love songs that inspire true love, romance and commitment.  He is often described as extraordinarily gifted, stunning and stylish! 
He started receiving professional vocal training and performing at the age of 5. By age 7 Danny, as drummer and  lead singer, along with his brothers were well known as "The Hunt Brothers Trio" performing throughout  Chicago land and as the opening act for many renowned artist. Later, while living in New York, he was featured in the off broadway play  "Love In The Morning Sun".

He has composed and copy written scores of songs, both gospel and love ballads. His last Gospel CD "MESSAGES OF TRUTH", featurings "HE LOVES ME", "MY PRAYER", “NO NOT ONE” and “HE‘S GOT A PLAN“.  You can hear all of these and more within this site. They will build your faith and help you share the gospel through music.

Here at DannyHunt Music.com you can hear and purchase two of Danny's love ballads, "DEAR ONE" and "SOMETHING ABOUT YOU" from the cd entitled "THE WEDDING DANCE". Both are perfect as first dance songs for wedding receptions.

Danny performs with the raved V. Holmes, A Tribute To The Motown Greats, in which he sings the early hits of Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder like no other. His exciting performance helps some relive and others to discover some of the greatest hits ever released. He performs regulary with other big bands for private and corporate events in Chicago's most exclusive venues (information given upon request). And he is passionate about working with the acclaimed Apostolic Church of God Brotherhood Chorale.

When you see and hear Danny Hunt you will recognize him as an incredible entertainer and one of Chicago's treasures!

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Locate "MESSAGES OF TRUTH" at  iTunes, Amazon and other online stores, and the FREE page above.

Locate "THE WEDDING DANCE"  on  iTunes and the FREE page above.